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Our brand takes care at 360 degrees of your own experience within the luxury area and it does so by allowing us to make you enjoy unforgettable as well as fabulous moments thanks to our passion, dedication and a great deal of care for details.

Our actual cornerstone is the old latin “modus operandi” because to us expertise and quality are the basis of our work and the way we work.

You will be going to get access to a great adventure within opulence and richness, thanks to our combined packages and therefore fully enjoy the MADE IN ITALY luxury, right at the center of its heart : Italy.

In today’s world in fact , luxury is definitely no longer absolutist and/or objective, we therefore commit ourselves to turn it into something actually as subjective as possible.

The dynamics therefore may be common and objective : traveling onboard luxury/top cars, spending magic moments in breathtaking mansions, renting a private Lear jet or a yacht ; but our real purpose and what above all makes us proud, it’s the actual ability to add to each and every experience  some significant sentimental value. Because in all truth , two are the things that really count and matter to us : personal perception and once again the sentimental value, strongly felt by you following our packages of unique experiences and  strong, positive emotion, so that they shall originate deep in your soul which shall remain permanently printed within your inner self.

In other words we strongly commit at searching solutions the possible closest to your character and personality, since not all of us get to experience the same way and intensity, emotion wise, be it a particular kind of entertainment/experience or a glamorous and beautiful place. Well, basically our mission and our inevitable achievement, aim at making you feel that special and unique emotion so to open up your heart and thrill you to the point to get you hooked and pleasantly addicted to our tailor made luxury packages.

About me


My name’s Marco Emili and I was born in Milan, Italy. Since a was a kid all the tales, the pictures, various experiences and my newfound love with the English language that my father passed onto me, got me enchanted and profoundly fascinated. Ever since I got hit by curiosity and passion about anything that before my eyes would resemble an international atmosphere, getting to grow in me some sort of dislike for the provincial aspect and context of Milan from the early eighties instead. However I’ve actually lived and enjoyed, strangely enough after all, a good part of the years of “La Milano da bere”, The drinking and partying Milan, literally translated into English…and I suppose that expression wanted somehow copycat the british expression for “The swinging London”…something like that The years of “La Milano da bere” would want to offer a vision of an undenied dose of provincialism, definitely less glamorous than the major European capitals back then, but that at the same time was beginning to climb to the first place as the capital of fashion, gradually knocking off Paris from Capital of fashion fame herself..Having left Milan around the year 1984 I have gained a pretty long experience abroad in the area of luxury gaming and hospitality and thanks to this long experience I got in touch with people of “different caliber”….mind you never too small. My greatest passion of all it’s always been sheer luxury in all its forms but above all and mostly MADE IN ITALY. My attention inevitably goes first of all to fashion (mind you not always necessarily MADE IN ITALY but….most of the time ) Surprise, surprise, luxury wise I do have an even older passion: love for TOP CARS, having owned a few, years ago, to have become a fine connoisseur and possibly a consultant to their image.

“Hey Marco, do you like FERRARIs? My answer, similar to the one within the fashion industry, will always be : ..it depends.”

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