Project Description

It is no longer enough to hang around boutiques and showrooms in order to take part of the world of luxury and thanks to our proposals you’ll get close like never before to classy and fashionable restaurants and hotels/ relais chateaux, experiencing the luxury fashion at 360 degrees.

The concept of luxury is no longer simply related to a mere possession of more or less expensive goods but rather to experiences, sensations and emotional excitement.

In these days and times luxury is intended as an actual kind of lifestyle. And being the way it is nowadays, it is our intention to combine the Italian tradition of food and wine with the world of Italian luxury, recommending proposals ( single experiences and/or packages)”hand and tailor made” for you, the client, guiding and walking you through this marvelous journey.

The Italian food and wine recommends typical and traditional products strongly related to their area of origin, that way being able to let you know and appreciate every single Italian region or area and their typical cuisine. All you’ll have to do is to choose the right experience for you, among Michelin stars restaurants, candlelight dinners and breathtaking locations.


Italian culinary tradition


Products related to the territories


Starred restaurants, candlelit dinners and breathtaking locations